In Kingdom

The birth of the brand went through a few iterations before it became Kingdom Wear. The foundation is the most critical piece when it comes to building something worth believing that will stand the test of time. We set out to build designs that embody being a Christian (Christ-like). The Word of God specifically points us to seek first the Kingdom of God and everything else is just a secondary aspiration.

Reaching for the Kingdom of God is the pinnacle of living and nothing else matters than attaining that along with God’s Righteousness because that is the equation that makes it complete as the scripture says, “Seek first the ‘Kingdom of God’ and ‘His Righteousness’, and…”; This combination of seeking the Kingdom and God’s Righteousness gives us the realization that all the things we seek genuinely because God knows we have need of those things are simply promised as essentials that will be added, if we put the Kingdom of God First on the priority list.

Our mission is to create designs that help every christian feel the power that is already given by God through the infilling of His Spirit within us to be the witness He has called us to be. The goal of Kingdom Wear is to share the Love of God everywhere, every day, and that is why this brand was created.