In Kingdom Words

Let This Mind Be In You

In the Beginning of Acts chapter 3, Peter and John were on their way to pray at the temple at the hour of prayer. Your purpose and direction have to be in tune with one another if you are to be Kingdom Minded. What you associate with and who you are around matters to the condition of your readiness to be ready to have the clarity to speak, react and to act accordingly. When Peter and John got to the beggar at the gate, he looked on them expecting to receive something from them. I believe He looked with intention and expectation.

There are a few things we can gather from this story in the Bible, and that is simply what we say has purpose, what we do has purpose and what we portray has purpose. Peter and John were in the right place at the right time with purpose. We are given a set of time every day we live, and in those 24 hours we do our daily routines but let us not forget to have intention and purpose in everything we do. Our interactions with people will reflect our purpose. How we react to everyone we come in contact with will be shown to them in our reaction to their actions towards us.

One thing to consider is the lame man looked at Peter and John knowing they were different and that they were Kingdom Minded, because their reaction to the lame man asking for some alms (Alms defined as asking for money or food) was a clear indication they were tapped into the Kingdom mindset. His expectation from them moved them to react differently than others had reacted in the same moment. We need to be prepared to give everyone an answer of the hope that is within you. There are so many as this lame man we pass on a daily basis that are longing for someone to stop their schedule and give them an answer of hope.

We need to be ready and filled with something to pour out. How we react to those in need is indicative of what mindset we are living in. We need to always make time in our busy lives to stop and react to a situation where someone is crying out in desperate need of help. We as Kingdom-Minded Christians need to showcase the heart of God to everyone we come in contact with. Just as Peter and John said, “silver and gold have we none but such as I have, I give unto thee”; it is important that we give of what we have. We all have something to give. Our apparel is not filled with some mystery fabric that is going to give you intention and purpose. Our apparel is prayed for daily and when an order is fulfilled, we pray over that person that our apparel when worn will give the individual purpose and to be driven to be Kingdom first in all they do. God is calling us to let this mind be in you that was in Him. In Philippians 2:4-7, we see that God is calling us to have His mind and let it be that mindset that gives us the humility to be a servant to all. If you are a Christian, it is ought to be our goal to live with the humility of our God that gives us the strength every day to do His will and His work. We need to continually stay prayed up and have the mindset that God is going to give us the answer when it is our time to react to someone in need. You may be able to bless someone with a financial blessing or with a word of encouragement or even a miracle at that specific moment in time of need. The beautiful thing we learn from this story in the Bible is we all have places we need to be, and sometimes there are people with us on this journey and how we react to people in need is important. We are servants of King of Kings. God’s Kingdom must be displayed in everything we do whether we have a Kingdom shirt on or not. We all have been called to the Kingdom of God to represent Him in everything we do and say.